Finally a fitness program for those
suffering from gyms

Transform your body with our fitness regime that turns you into a Fat-Burning Machine, without you ever touching a Treadmill.

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Let today, be the Monday you've been waiting for the last 3 years

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I lost 20+ kgs in 5 months!
I’ve been a member in other gyms as well and it was an okay kinda experience. Not so great. I walked in for the trial class and the way we worked out felt very different and lively. It’s a place where people help each other and show them how an exercise is done. A place where people are motivated and as a result, I lost 20+ kgs over 5 months!

Sriram Kakarla
Sriram Kakarla ★★★★★

No two days are the same!
Everybody at the gym would encourage each other, use positive reinforcement constantly and share their progress. This just made it a great environment to work out. No two days at the gym are the same.

Ravali Pidaparthi
Ravali Pidaparthi ★★★★★

I know no one here will judge me.
How friendly and approachable you guys are is the thing that makes you guys special and you motive each and every client equally no matter what. I can blab through any session and do all the lame dancing possible and I know no one here will judge me.

Priyanka Marupudi
Priyanka Marupudi ★★★★★

I lost 27 kgs in 4 months!
Beeryani Fitness is an unconventional setup and it does not fit into the ecosystem of gyms. It’s unique and a great stress buster that has helped me lose 27 kgs in 4 months! I always had someone answer my doubts and help me out whenever needed.

Navien Potheri
Navien Potheri ★★★★★

The science behind our fitness regime and what makes it so Damn effective

The formula that has helped people like you get envious results and jaw dropping looks.

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For Those Who Want Long-term Results

“There is a wonderful story of a group of American car executives who went to Japan to see a Japanese assembly line. At the end of the line, the doors were put on the hinges, the same as in America. But something was missing. In the United States, a line worker would take a rubber mallet and tap the edges of the door to ensure that it fits perfectly. In Japan, that job didn’t seem to exist.

Confused, the American auto executives asked at what point they made sure the door fit perfectly. Their Japanese guide looked at them and smiles sheepishly. “We make sure it fits when we design it.” In the Japanese auto plant, they didn’t examine the problem and accumulate data to figure out the best solution-they engineered the outcome they wanted from the beginning. If they didn’t achieve their desired outcome, they understood it was because of a decision they made at the start of the process.

At the end of the day, the doors on the American-made and Japanese-made cars appeared to fit when each rolled off the assembly line. Except the Japanese didn’t need to employ someone to hammer doors, nor did they need to buy any mallets. More importantly, the Japanese doors are likely to last longer and maybe even be more structurally sound in the accident. All this for no other reason than they ensured the pieces fit from the start.” - Start With Why by Simon Sinek

There are different approaches to lose weight. And at the end of the day, they all seem to produce similar results. Except, most approaches, make you put on all the weight you’ve lost, while a few, help you maintain the lost weight.

Beeryani Fitness is for those who want long term results, for those who want to lose weight and not put it all back on.

You can mindlessly work hard at going nowhere, or you could choose to do the smart thing. Your call.

I'll let you in on a secret that most people use to trick you into believing that the workout program is effective.

The truth is, killing yourself at the gym yields no additional benefits. Vomit inducing and pain inflicting workouts that make you feel like you are dying, are no better for weight loss than less intense workouts.

What works and what you feel are two different things.

What you feel is a lie and your body gives you the illusion of long-term success via short-term cues that feel exactly the same as long-term results.

Your mind is a horrible judge of how effective a workout routine is.

You don't have to torture yourself, you don't have to spend hours in the gym, you don't have to subject yourself through unbearable pain to get the body you want.

Sure, you need to make some sacrifices, but almost all of the fitness programs out there are sold on this illusion of effectiveness.

What works, are the scientific principles that have been tested time and time again and proven to be effective.

"Any fool can create a program that is so demanding that it would virtually kill the toughest marine or hardiest of elite athletes, but not any fool can create a tough program that produces progress without unnecessary pain." - Dr. Mel Siff

Save upwards of 10,000 in Personal Training Fees

Personal Training is very useful for people who need specific attention, like Bodybuilders, Athletes, those who are recovering from an injury and the elderly.

But, for the vast majority of people, Personal Training is not the best option, here's why:

1. Once people know how to do the basic exercises, they don’t need someone hovering over them all the time just to count repetitions.
2. It gets a little boring and mundane after a point of time.
3. It’s expensive.
4. You just have the support of one person while most of your social circle looks at you weirdly for following a diet and reminding you that ek bite se kuch nahi hota.

At Beeryani Fitness, we've designed a system, where everything that can be automated in the role of a Personal Trainer, has been automated. Resulting in the coaches doing what they're best at doing - helping people improve their quality and quantity of life.

We've created a system where we've taken care of almost everything a Personal Trainer does, like,

Helping you do the exercises correctly and safely.

Designing an effective program that works for you.

Pushing you to do more.

Provide an amazing support system.

and Fighting boredom.

All this, at no additional cost.

A good Certified and Educated Personal Trainer charges upwards of 12 to 15,000 a month and add the gym membership charges on top of it.

At Beeryani Fitness, you are getting the results of a Personal Trainer, for the price of a gym membership.


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Everyone is given personal attention!
I didn’t expect Beeryani Fitness would be that challenging but after the first week, I was blown away. I was surprised to find this so much fun and the environment so friendly. I like how everyone is given personal attention. Whenever someone has bad form, a trainer immediately points it out and puts us back on the right track.

Prajwal Reddy
Prajwal Reddy ★★★★★

The only fun gym in Hyderabad!
I wanted to get a toned body, not like a beefed up one and fitness was the main goal. What I like most about it is, It’s all fun and friendly! Apart from being fun, we are being monitored and told how to do the exercises and there's always someone to help us out always. The coaches are not like other gym trainers who are stern and rigid.

Himavanth Nandamuru
Himavanth Nandamuru ★★★★★

You don't need a personal trainer - all trainers help you at no additional cost!
I love the community vibe at the gym - everyone is friendly and supportive (and there are Zero creeps - seriously this part is most amazing to me - I've found even the most expensive gyms in Hyderabad are filled with creeps. I think the community drives a culture which demands that we all respect each other). I love all the body positivity - they really do believe fitness is more than a number. No one has asked me to stand on a scale or tried to measure me in any other way.

Dipika Prasad
Dipika Prasad ★★★★★

I don't have to push myself to go there!
Each class is so much fun and the best part is that the people around are so energetic. Everybody keeps pushing each other to become stronger and better. I don't have to push myself to go there. Instead, I look forward to each class.

Akshita Jaiswal
Akshita Jaiswal ★★★★★
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We cannot help you...

  • If you want to be a bodybuilder.
  • If you take pleasure in belittling people.
  • If you just want to give us some money and magically hope to achieve your goals.
  • If you call Veg Pulao, Biryani!
  • If you don't like Batman. (sorry, but I don't think we could be friends either)

You will feel like investing not just your money but also your time!
You don't feel like you’re in a gym, you feel like you’re a part of some insane training program. For me Beeryani feels like a Drangonball Z world. The thing I like about this place the most is they do not use any machines. Group workouts, which are the best motivating factor, friendly atmosphere where everyone encourages you and makes you feel comfortable instead making you feel ashamed of your body. We all have spent a valuable amount of money in gym memberships and we don't go. At Beeryani, the experience is so different that you will actually feel like investing not just your money but also your time, and that is what makes the difference.

Soham Dave
Soham Dave ★★★★★

What is common among beer, biryani and beeryani fitness? All three are indulgent and very very very addictive.
I have been to many gyms near my place and all gyms fail in giving personalized attention and a daily routine. At Beeryani Fitness, they help you in achieving your goals without punishing yourself.

Vishal Ganti
Vishal Ganti ★★★★★

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the workouts effective? +

By doing HIIT and Strength Training, you will be burning as many calories as running on a treadmill for anywhere between 15-30 minutes in just about 5 minutes.

While most of our clients have lost anywhere between 2-5kgs in a month's time, some of them haven't lost any weight, but lost inches around their waist!

Does it require a history of exercise? +

We give special attention to all the beginners who join us and teach them how to do all the basic exercises, even if you haven't exercised a day in your life.

Let's say you have an injury or have recovered from a past injury, we take recommendations from your Physician and then, we come up with other variations of exercises, you could do.

We have had clients who have never exercised a day in their entire life, clients who have had back surgeries and Ligament reconstruction surgeries still work out with us on a regular basis too.

Is this for everyone? +

No, this place is definitely not for jerks.

Apart from that, anybody who has been cleared by the doctor to do HIIT workouts, could join us too. 🙂

In my experience, the ones who love Beeryani Fitness are the folks who hate treadmills and anyone who may have been bullied/ignored/had a terrible experience with coaches.

And those who are super sweet and those who like smiling and talking to people while they're doing there workouts. 🙂

What if you inquire and don't join us? +

Big deal! We understand that what we're doing is not ideal for everyone. Heck, I recommended a couple of my friends to join other places, as I didn't feel what we're doing is the right place for them.

Most coaches in the fitness industry are  your best friend the first day you go to the gym and if you don't take Personal Training, they shame you and tell you that you're no good. At our place, everyone gets Personal attention and even if you don't join us, we'll still help you out if you need anything from us.

Yeah, I know, we're awesome like that! B-)

How is it different from normal gyms? +

I'm going to be honest with you: neither have we invented any new exercises nor do we have any fancy equipment. You may even find better/crazier exercises than what we guys are doing on YouTube, but what makes us special is how we have put together a workout program that is grounded in solid scientific principles which also happens to be one of the most effective and enjoyable workout programs ever.

We, focus on building a community and helping people, day-in and day-out. Because 2 months down the line, you will want to come to the gym, not because of the equipment, but because of the friendships you have built over time.

Is it safe? +

I'd be lying if I told you that this is completely safe.

Any exercise is inherently risky, even walking could be risky and thus, we recommend a physicians clearance before starting any exercise regime.

Having been in the fitness industry and seen other gyms and fitness centers, I can confidently say that our program coupled with our service, is one of the safest from kids as young as 15, to people in their 50's.

If we believe this is going to be risky for you, we openly tell you and we've sent several people, people who were willing to pay us, away because we knew it would be risky for them.

We work with clients who have had back pain and knee pain and those who have had to undergo surgeries on a regular basis too.

We're here to make a difference in people's lives, not worsen it.

What are the timings? +

On weekdays, we have three hourly sessions between 0630 AM and 0930 AM(630,730,830) and another four sessions between 5 PM - 9 PM(5,6,7,8) in the evening.

On Saturdays, except the 8-9 class, all the other classes commence as usual. (630 AM - 930 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM)

We're closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

In any case, you also have this option of attending any session that's convenient for you. Say, you want to make it at 730 AM, but couldn't for some reason, you could attend any session after that as well.

Yeah, we're awesome like that! 🙂

Do you have showers? +

Oh yes, we do! 🙂

If you are planning to come in the morning, you can have your shower and go to work too!

A Unicorn dies, every time you think of joining a gym on Monday, but don't.

You can stop the slaughter, ACT Now!

Beeryani Fitness, 2nd Floor, SVM Mall,
Next to Peddamma Temple, Gym in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

📞 8977 900 300

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