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I shouldn’t be doing business.

I do more mistakes than rights. I am naive, I have a natural talent to do stupid shit from time to time and I’m a lunatic. I feel like I’m cheating other people when someone asks me for a discount and I still have no idea how to partner with people and use my network wisely.

During the three years after college, I never had any money. I probably made less than 30,000 INR. Thrity freaking thousand, over three long years! I was fickle-minded, always dependent on other people. I could never do any kind of work for more than 4 weeks straight. I wasn’t even worthy of employment. By any logic, I had no right to start a business.

Heck, I shouldn’t even be writing this because you know, a businessman should never show their weak side!

But, screw logic! This is beyond any rationale explanation I can come up with and of all the places, I decided to start a gym in Jubilee Hills, where the costs are pretty high.

Most businesses are started by businessmen who want to make the most amount of money. I’ve tried being that person so many times, but I couldn’t be that person for more than a month. I tried to get out of the fitness industry
so many times, but there was something about it that kept pulling me back into it.

You see, everything I did, I did so because there was a voice inside my head guiding me, telling me this is not how it should be. Even when everyone was kinda against it. I always wanted to do more with my life. I wanted my life to mean something. I wanted to be something. I wanted to do something that brings about change for the better.

Forty years from now, when I am a sexy old man, I want to hear my grandkids take pride in sharing my stories with their friends.

Being a fitness instructor, I noticed that 90+% of the people across the globe who join a gym or start a diet, fail!

If a school teacher had a 90% failure rate, she’d be fired but the fitness industry conveniently puts the blame on the people for not trying hard enough.

I find this ridiculous!

Imagine the act of driving a car, after you get the hang of it, you don’t have to focus on changing the gear, it becomes subconscious and automatic. That is exactly what we set out to achieve. To make weight loss happen without you working hard. Most people try to lose weight faster and pick a routine they cannot follow and end up heavier than before.

Let’s face it, NOBODY likes to exercise and no amount of wearable devices or people screaming “What’s your excuse?” is going to change that! Add to that, the elitist environment gyms have created, catering to the people who already like working out!

Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

If I had Asked People What they wanted, they would have said faster horses

I love this quote so much because it’s so relatable. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster weight loss.

I believe what people need, is not instant results, but something that they enjoy doing.

I believe, that if we make the entire process interesting, fun and exciting where normal people feel like coming to the gym again and again, then and only then can we solve this problem.

And that’s how Beeryani fitness was born.

From someone who could never go to a gym for more than 3 weeks. This is her 4th month, btw.

And no, we are not a crossfit gym, or a functional training gym, or a body weight workout gym. Sure, we have adopted a couple of things from all of them, but we are much more than that!

We were born to make fitness fun and exciting. You could hire the best fucking Personal Trainer in the world and get the best fucking Exercise Program in the world, but it would be worthless if you cannot stick to it.

The thing that makes us special, apart from the cool exercises, is our community. We are a community of crazyass weirdos who dance for no apparent reason in the middle of our work outs and wear masks and stuff.

The gym is a place where people should feel excited to go, not something they have to force themselves to do.

We have built a gym that does just that and makes them fall in love with exercise.

If you, or anyone you know doesn’t like gyms or running on a treadmill or following a strict diet, I request you to let them know that there’s a gym in Jubilee Hills where they would love to work out.

You could reach us on 8977 900 300. 🙂