Most people fail not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of a lack of proper mindset. Start with the mind and the body follows!

In my experience, I’ve found that most people have the basics right. Don’t we all already know that we should eat food (even junk) in moderation and work out?

Most people fail only when it comes to the application of those basics. The solution, thus lies in psychology not exercise science.

Your goal if you want to be successful, is not to get results. Your goal is to let this process become automatic and ingrained.

Results are a result of this ingrained behavior.

Remember the age old saying, “The longer it takes, the longer it lasts!” I think it was Dan John who said that.

Having said that, here are some tips that will help you lose fat:

1. Stop trying to change everything from day one!

Focus only on one thing at a time! Let it become automatic and ingrained, like driving a car. When you started learning how to drive, you had to focus on many things and it overwhelmed you. You still check all those things, but it’s automatic now.

The best way to make it automatic is to focus and track only one thing till it becomes ingrained.

2. Quantity of the food you are eating is more important than the quality of it.

You could eat a hundred apples a day and put on weight. On the opposite side, eat all the junk food you can think of in moderation and still lose weight.

3. Success in the gym, is a lot like masturbation.

If you obsess and do things just for the output, you will not enjoy the output. You may not even get the output you are so desperate about.

4. Strength training is a lot superior to cardio for fat loss.

Used together, they turn into a lethal fat burning machine.

5. Eat more protein.

Protein helps you by keeping you full for longer. Your body burns a lot more calories to digest protein. (Lookup Thermic Effect of Food)

6. Focus on compound movements.

Compound or multi-joint exercises are those that involve many muscles at the same time. They not only work many muscles, but also provide more bang for your buck.

Disclaimer: This article was written by batman himself.

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